Importance of a Nicely Designed Business Card

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If you're serious about your business, you should still have business cards. It is much easier to pass them on to your clients and prospects at every touchpoint than exchanging contact information, which is considered informal.

The better your business card design, the more likely people will take you seriously. This will go a long way toward bringing you more business.

Generic Business Cards VS Custom Business Cards

Some argue that the generic business card has taken over the custom one in terms of popularity in recent years. As an entrepreneur, you want to stand out. Generic business cards are everywhere, and they leave you looking like everyone else.

When creating a nicely-designed business card, you need to follow certain standards. Listen below are some key features that it must have to elevate your business.

1. It Sets Yourself Apart From Others

It is vital to separate yourself from the competition. However, doing so is not always easy. When you choose a generic business card, it will be effortless for your prospects to forget you as they scan the other cards in their hands.

Custom business cards can make a big difference in how you are remembered. Your prospects will see that you are a serious business person who wants to make a positive impression.

2. It Gives the Right Impression

When someone is handing over a business card, they mean business. It is similar to a handshake in many ways. If it’s delivered well, you will see what someone is all about. This is why it’s vital to match your card’s design with your brand’s tone.

3. It is More Approachable

When a person hands over a business card, it is a very personal action. This can be because they are taking the time to make sure to give you a card that they can be proud of, or possibly want to impress you after they hand it over.

Either way, it is a good thing because it portrays their personality. If you take a generic card and hand it over, you are saying you are like everyone else.

4. It Is Long-Lasting

When you design your business card, you must be sure that you will use it for a long time. This is an excellent thing for the environment because you will not have to redesign them repeatedly.

Instead of looking like a generic card, it should be a statement about your brand that people will always remember.


As you can see, the type of card you use is essential. It is not enough to have a business card. You have to have an impressive card that will help you stand out when it comes to business.

Having a business card is an easy way to make sure you are always remembered and always to have a way to contact you. Printree gives you high-quality printing services for business cards in Chattanooga. Contact us today!